Air Steward Spends £125,000 on Plastic Surgery in a bid to look like a Ken Doll

Now he has splashed out ANOTHER £5,000 – this time on a stem cell hair transplant.

So many Plastic Surgical procedures

An air steward who has spent £125,000 on plastic surgery in a bid to turn himself into a real-life Ken doll has become the first person in the UK to have stem cell hair treatment.

Rodrigo Alves, 30, has undergone 20 plastic and cosmetic procedures including jobs, , six-pack and pec implants, calf shaping and botox fillers.

But that, it seems, is not enough for Mr Alves who recently had his 21st cosmetic treatment – a pioneering form of stem cell surgery that claims to fix baldness.

So Many Plastic Surgery Procedures

Rodrigo Alves, 30, has undergone 20 cosmetic procedures

Those include nose jobs, liposuction, six-pack and pec implants

Underwent stem cell hair surgery to cover balding patches on head

£5,100 procedure saw doctors perform liposuction in his back to extract fat

Mixed this with 500ml of his blood and extracted the stem cells

The mixture was then injected into his scalp and he loves the results

Read more:  Published by DailyMail 18th Novenber 2014

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