Beware Not all South Korea’s Plastic Surgery Patients Are Satisfied

South Korea is a plastic surgery tourist destination.Plastic Surgery Tourism

Seen here is an advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic on the main street of Apgujeong in Seoul, the center of South Korea’s plastic surgery services. Such clinics may be thriving, but that doesn’t mean that all of their patients are happy with the results. (Yonhap)

According to an article in  December 4, 2014 by By Lee Ji-hye

“Korea is known for its high rate of plastic surgery as well as the accessibility of such procedures. However, a recent consumer study shows that around one-third of those who go under the knife are not satisfied with the outcome.

The Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) conducted a survey on 1,000 cosmetic surgery patients over the course of three years. Among them, 323 people (32.3 percent) replied that the results were “unsatisfactory” while 170 people (17 percent) said they ended up with asymmetrical structures, scars or infections.”

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