Global Cosmetic Procedures And Products Market Forecast 2013 – 2019 Just PublishedBreast Surgeon in Brisbane

Cosmetic procedures include elective surgical as well as non-surgical procedures performed to reshape normal structures of the body. These procedures and cosmetic products are carried out to improve appearance of an individual thereby boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. The global market for cosmetic procedures and products is expanding both in terms of value and number of procedures performed annually. Several industry experts quote that ageing population, growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery, and interest of people for aesthetic reasons are the prime factors responsible for the market growth.

The global cosmetic procedures and products market is segmented into two major segments, namely, surgical procedures and nonsurgical procedures.

Major Plastic Surgical Procedures


Breast augmentation and the lipoplasty (liposuction) have been the top two popular cosmetic surgical procedures. The FDA’s decision in 2006 to reintroduce silicone gel breast implants in the market has improved the number of breast augmentation procedures over the years.

These procedures are comparatively costlier than the nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and therefore rely on the insurance coverage. Hence, the market was affected to some extent due to financial uncertainty during economic crisis of 2009.

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