Katie Price Quick Fix Facelift

“Someone said ‘what has she done to her face?’, so I didn’t use it again,” the 37-year-old told the rest of the panel after testing it out at RuPaul’s ‘s Drag Race last May

The mum of five – who has never hidden her obsession with going under the knife in her quest to look younger – claimed creams did nothing for her face and it was only an injection that could smooth out her wrinkles.

“There’s no cream out there, unless someone wants to prove me wrong and I will use it and six weeks later I will show you the results. It’s rubbish,” she said, “ is the only way to get rid wrinkles.”

The ex-glamour model opened up about her red carpet disaster during an episode of Loose Women today and revealed she’s sworn off the face plait strap technique which sees tape attached to each side of the face in order to replicate a .

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