Chris Brown

Hi, I am Chris Brown, CEO of FindPlasticSurgeon Network and InCityDomain Websites.

I specialise in Developing Internet Real Estate to drive Leads and Business in specific Niches.

FindPlastic Surgeon Network Website is an Organic Traffic and Lead Generation Machine



Are You a Plastic Surgeon Who Wants:

More Leads

More Business

More Clients

More Exposure for Your Business


Not Have to Worry About How to Do it!


I Have an Immediate Solution

I will Rank Your Business for Multiple Keywords in Top 5  Google

from $25.00 per month for selected locations


Two Highly Cost Effective Options


  1. We Send You (phone and email) Enquiries from our Landing Page directly to Your Business

  2. We Replace our Top Ranking Web Page – with Your Website


How Do We Do That?


FindplasticSurgeon Website is a Purpose Built National Lead Generation Website

We are experts at developing Internet Real Estate to Capture Search Traffic

In three months since the launch of FindPlasticSurgeon network the Website ranks for:

  • Over 60 search terms Ranking No 1 in Google

  • Over 110 search terms Ranking in Top 3  Google

  • Over 300 search terms Ranking on Page 1

  • Site Currently peaks at over 200 visitors per day (11/11/2014)

  • Website Traffic is Growing average 80% per month

FindplasticSurgeon Website Generates Consistent Highly Qualified leads Based on Niche and Location.



  • There is ONLY ONE PAGE for each surgical niche for each city.

  • Once a page is Leased or we have an arrangement for accepting Leads – Thats it! For that City!

  • Secure Your Plastic Surgery Internet Real Estate Now! Before Your Competitor Does!


 The Good News!

We are right at the beginning

We Have Web Pages Available in Every Major Australian City

It’s an Opportunity to secure a “Business and Lead Generation Source” with High ROI


Option Details and Costs

900x3 Strip Green

 Option 1


Pay per Lead only

Pay on a  monthly basis

Cost per Lead starting from $6.00 only

You Receive

Web Site 1300 Calls – forwarded to You by Email

Email Enquiries –  forwarded to Your nominated Email address

Monthly Tracking Report


 900x3 Strip Green


 Option 2

Rent a Page(s)

Your Webpage at No 1  or Top 5 Search Positions Instantly

All Relevant Searches Land on Your Website

Pay by Number of Ranking Keywords

FROM .50 cents per day Per Key Word


FROM $25.0 pm per page (Multiple Google No1 Search Terms)

 900x3 Strip Green

Enjoy the Benefits of Organic Search Traffic

To Find Out Exactly What We Can Offer You

To Receive a List of Pages Available for Lease and Their Search Positions and Enquiry Rates

Send Us Your Information Below – Now!

Your Privacy and Confidentiality is Respected

900x3 Strip Green

 900x3 Strip Green

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