Megyn Kelly Got Nose Job and Botox: Plastic Surgery

Kelly’s former classmates from Albany, New York, say Megyn looks very different from high school, when she sported a frizzy red mullet, bulbous nose and an anvil chin. Plastic surgeons say Megyn definitely got a nose job and Botox.


“Megyn has done a very nice job of maintaining a youthful appearance with Botox between her eyebrows, across her forehead, around her eyes and possibly around the bridge of her nose to decrease lines,” Dr. Justin Yovino told Star. “She has a very natural appearance without looking too overdone.”


Kelly, whose feud with Donald Trump has made her more famous than ever, said her fitness secrets are the F-Factor Diet and exercise, as Examiner has reported. At 45, Megyn looks gorgeous and youthful.


Judging by her slim physique, it’s hard to believe Kelly has three small children (with writer husband Douglas Brunt). The blonde stunner hates to work out, but exercises regularly to stay skinny, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.


Megyn Kelly has undergone a dramatic plastic surgery makeover that includes a nose job and lots of Botox, say surgeons. Megyn’s stunning beauty is a major reason for her popularity among Fox News fans.


Do you think Megyn Keller had a nose job?

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