Some Things to Know before You have Liposuction Surgery

By Dr.Haitham Masri
Mar 2, 2015 – 7:30:05 PM

( – Liposuction is by far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available in the world today. On a yearly basis, millions of people across the world undergo a liposuction procedure in an attempt to help sculpt the areas of their bodies that they don’t feel 100% comfortable with.

In simple terms, liposuction is a type of surgery that is used to contour the body and tackle the stubborn areas of fat that you feel as though you cannot get rid of yourself. This surgical method was introduced more than two decades ago, and today it has been refined to a point where you can be sure that you’re going to get the very best results.

Dr. Haitham Masri has over twenty five years of training within his field, meaning that his understanding and skill within the realm of plastic and reconstructive surgery is extensive. An expert in completing a wide range of medical procedures, from tummy tucks to facelifts, perhaps one of the most remarkable things about this surgeon is his sensitivity and consideration towards his patients. Dr. Masri makes sure that all of his patients fully understand the procedure, and feel comfortable, before making a final decision.

Who are the Best Candidates for Liposuction?

When it comes to having a liposuction procedure, similarly to many other surgical procedure, there are some candidates that are more suited to it than others. Often times, individuals who are extremely overweight are not outstanding candidates for liposuction, since this procedure should not be regarded as a treatment for obesity.

Typically, the best candidates for this form of surgery are men and women of any age with great muscle tone and good skin elasticity. Typically, they should be within 30% of their desired body weight, in decent health physically, and non-smokers. It is also important that they have positive, yet realistic expectations in regard to body contouring.

You will not be a magnificent candidate for liposuction if you have suffered from significant heart problems in the past, or disorders to do with blood clotting. Disorders associated with your immune system, or diabetes may also present concerns for some surgeons. If you have a lot of scar tissue in the area that you would like to be treated, you may find that liposuction does not work as hoped for you, as scar tissue can make it difficult to suction the fat evenly in a certain area.

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